Sunday, December 03, 2006


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The Winter Gathering will take place on the weekend of February 4-6, 2011. We will be gathering at the Chewonki Foundation site. Look here for more information about the Gathering.

Where do we grow from here?

The theme for this year's First Light Men's Gathering is
personal growth.
Are we still growing? Do we have hopes and
aspirations? Do we anticipate that major changes will
continue to take place in our lives just as they have in
the past, or are we pretty sure that our lives are
essentially formed at this point and have coasting the
rest of the way in mind?
Anybody have plans to develop a talent, overcome an
addiction, address a health issue, improve people skills,
start a business, write a novel, undertake a new area
of study, learn to swim, or take up a musical
instrument? Is there something that's putting a lilt in
our step?
Ah, the news is that change, major change most likely,
is going to take place in our lives whether we embrace
it or not. So we might as well think in terms of getting
comfortable with the notion rather than resisting or
dreading it. That might mean looking at our lives and
asking ourselves where we want to be in the
foreseeable future.
Hum-m-m ... maybe in order to experience growth we
need to acknowledge that we are currently less than
we could be. Ouch! After all we've been through.
What a thought. Well, it's a comfort knowing that we've
come a lot further than certain people we could name.
But then, other people have never been the standard,
have they? We've got to look to ourselves for that.
So, our week-end together this year will be focused on
helping one another take a candid look how much room
for personal growth we're allowing in our lives. Maybe
together we can shake things up a bit and really get
"If you're not busy being born you're busy dying."
Bob Dylan

For a registration form, contact First Light.